It is thought that the origins of winemaking date back to the Neolithic era when wine was “discovered” by the accidental fermentation of grapes kept in rudimentary recipients.



The grape is more than just a fruit; it’s an infructescence, in other words an aggregate fruit (individual grapes or, more correctly, berries) clustered around a stem. The plant is called Vitis Vinifera, a plant of the Vitaceae family with flexible branches, palmate leaves and tiny flowers.

The grapes, both white (actually greenish-yellow or golden yellow) and red (pink, purple or bluish-purple) can be divided into table grapes and wine grapes, although all wine grapes are equally edible and enjoyable as table fruit.

Evidence of grape cultivation goes back to prehistory, and their consumption as fruit or in the form of preserves and sweets is also ancient.  

Vines have apparently been present on earth far longer than humans.

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